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Karl Dent for El Paso County Commissioner District 4: Building a Business-Friendly El Paso County

Support local business in El Paso County. Vote Karl Dent.

Hello, El Paso County residents! I'm Karl Dent, and I'm running for County Commissioner in District 4.

President Calvin Coolidge once said, "The chief business of America is business." But, it seems bureaucracy has taken the front seat, especially here in El Paso County. It's high time we transform our county into a place that welcomes businesses with open arms, and in turn, creates good-paying jobs for our citizens.

As a business owner in El Paso County, I understand the challenges, risks, and rewards of running a business. My priority is to support local businesses and enact policies that benefit our citizens.

Karl Dent for El Paso County Commissioner District 4

As County Commissioner, I'm committed to creating a business-friendly environment by:

Support manufacturing in El Paso County. Vote Karl Dent.

1. Supporting Local Manufacturers: I will offer tech support to small and medium-sized local manufacturers to boost manufacturing and exports, resulting in well-paying jobs for our locals.

2. Personalized Employment Training: In partnership with Pikes Peak Workforce Development and Pikes Peak State College, I will provide personalized employment training. This customized training will bridge the gap between job seekers and companies in need of skilled workers.

Support Space Force in El Paso County. Vote Karl Dent.

3. Attracting New Industries: I will collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corporation to attract new industries that bring high-paying jobs to El Paso County. We'll also work diligently to keep Space Command right here in our county.

Together, let's create a thriving business community and ensure a prosperous future for El Paso County. Join me in this journey at!


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