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The people of our district deserve more than slogans without solutions and word salad to policies that most people don’t support. We deserve a champion.  It’s time for an El Paso County that working and middle-class families can afford.  


That’s why I am running for County Commissioner, in District 4

This race is about improving El Paso County’s economy and creating good-paying jobs.


This race is about looking out for our working-and middle-class residents and addressing the rising cost of living especially our property taxes. 


This race is about providing sustainable water resources for residents that don’t live in Colorado Springs and maintaining and expanding our roads and bridges.

Wildland Fires

El Paso County Commissioners must prioritize the prevention of uncontrolled wildfires. Wildfires are far more harmful and expensive than preventative and mitigation measures. Because this problem isn't going away, El Paso County Commissioners must plan for wildfires every year.


As County Commissioner, I will:


• Seek long-term funding for wildfire prevention to sustain mitigation measures throughout El Paso County.


• Create evacuation plans and an early warning system for citizens of El Paso County who live in affected regions.


• Increase the amount of wildland fire fighters and equipment available to battle two wildfires at the same time.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are an unavoidable part of life. Both homeowners and renters pay them, either directly or indirectly. I feel that most of us have no objection to paying for essential local services on which we all rely, but no one is okay with the government taking a limitless amount of money from us each year.

No one wants to see their property tax bill climb by 30 or 40% year after year, but that is precisely what property owners in El Paso County are facing right now.

I want to protect homeowners and renters from having their property tax bills skyrocket just because home values have risen drastically in a short period of time. As County Commissioner, I will work to retain property tax payments at the 2022 payment level.

Affordable Housing

Working families are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the substantial increase in the cost of living over the last few years. Home prices are increasing, and El Paso County Commissioners have shown little enthusiasm in developing affordable housing. El Paso County residents are struggling with the current financial climate, and our County Commissioners appear unconcerned about the record-breaking inflation working families are experiencing.


We must examine zoning regulations to allow for smaller homes, less square footage homes, and more density in specific regions of El Paso County.  We must shorten the time required for development approvals and permit payments.  There is a demand for affordable homes for working families; we must guarantee that housing in El Paso County remains available to families of all income levels.

Growth and Infrastructure

Companies looking to relocate or expand their operations desire a county with an efficient, modern, and well-maintained transportation system capable of transporting our workers and goods. For many years, El Paso has failed to invest in the expansion and maintenance of El Paso
County roadways.

With Space Command's permanent relocation to El Paso County, there will be an increased demand for housing for Airmen stationed at Petersen Air Force Base. El Paso County, like many other regions of the country, is suffering from a chronic lack of new housing.


I'd like to work with our homebuilders to increase the number of new homes constructed in El Paso County.

Furthermore, the time has come to offer El Paso County residents who do not live in Colorado Springs with long-term water supplies from the Arkansas and Colorado Rivers. As County Commissioner, I will work to give El Paso County with the resources it needs to deal with the effects of growth.

Creating a Business Friendly El Paso County

"The chief business of America is business," remarked President Calvin Coolidge.  Bureaucracy has become America's primary business, particularly in El Paso County! El Paso County must become more business friendly to produce good-paying jobs for our citizens.  


Karl Dent is a business owner in El Paso County, he is aware of the challenges, dangers, and benefits of running a business. Karl will prioritize supporting local El Paso County businesses by enacting policies that will benefit local citizens.


As County Commissioner Karl Dent will create a friendly business environment by:


  • Offering small and medium-sized local manufacturers technological support, you can create jobs in manufacturing export.  Local El Paso County manufacturers will be able to increase their sales and productivity by receiving low-cost, high-quality assistance, which will result in the creation of well-paying jobs for El Paso County locals.


  • Provide personalized employment training in collaboration with Pikes Peak Workforce Development and Pikes Peak State College.  Customized training will serve as the final link between people in need of work and companies in need of skill.


  • Work with the Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corporation to attract new industries that will give good-paying jobs to El Paso County, as well as to maintain our efforts to keep Space Command in El Paso County.

Improving Public Safety

Improving public safety for the eastern plains of El Paso County requires a comprehensive and collaborative approach involving various stakeholders, including law enforcement, local government, community organizations, and residents. Here are some strategies that could help enhance public safety in the eastern plains of El Paso County:


·      Building a sheriff’s office substation for the Rural Enforcement and Outreach Unit and the Mounted Unit in the eastern plains of El Paso County can significantly enhance law enforcement services and public safety for the residents in the area.


·      Increasing the number of Rural Enforcement and Outreach Unit deputies


·      We need additional funding for the District Attorney to investigate and prosecute crimes to keep El Paso County residents safe.


improving public safety for the eastern plains of El Paso County is an ongoing process that requires commitment, resources, and participation from all members of the community. By working together, El Paso County can create a safer and more secure environment for its residents.




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