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A New Vision for El Paso County: Fair and Balanced Property Taxation

As a candidate for County Commissioner in El Paso County, I am acutely aware of the concerns and challenges facing our homeowners regarding property taxation. This week marks a significant moment for property owners in our county, as they begin receiving their property tax statements. It's a time that calls for reflection on our current system and the need for change.

Understanding the Current Property Tax Scenario

The first week of February brings with it the distribution of property tax statements. Despite a slight delay in their issuance, the due date for the first half of the property tax remains unchanged - the end of February. This is a crucial deadline, and as your future County Commissioner, I urge everyone to adhere to it to avoid any unnecessary penalties.

The past year has seen a dramatic 44% increase in the median home value in El Paso County. While on the surface, this might seem like good news for property values, it has a direct and significant impact on your property tax bills. This increase is not just a number; it's a financial burden that many of our residents, especially those in working and middle-class families, are struggling to bear.

Addressing the Mill Levy Issue

The reduction in mill levies by the current El Paso County Commissioners was initially perceived as a measure to reduce tax burdens. However, this was primarily a move to align with legal limits on revenue collection, rather than a genuine effort to lessen the financial load on our citizens. As your County Commissioner, I pledge to prioritize transparency and honesty in all fiscal decisions and communications.

The Cycle of Excess Revenue and Refunds

El Paso County's financial pattern in recent years shows a consistent over-collection of revenue, leading to subsequent refunds. While refunds might seem beneficial, they do not address the immediate challenge of high property taxes. As your representative, I will work towards breaking this cycle and ensuring a more balanced approach to revenue collection and budgeting.

My Commitment: Sustainable Property Tax Relief

The heart of my campaign is a commitment to sustainable property tax relief. I propose a reevaluation of property valuations for both residential and commercial properties to lower the overall tax burden. This approach is not just about short-term fixes but about creating a fair and balanced taxation system that supports all residents of El Paso County.

Join Me in Creating Change

As we navigate these financial challenges, it's clear that the status quo is not serving the best interests of our community. I am running for County Commissioner to bring about the change we desperately need. Together, we can work towards a system that is fair, transparent, and supportive of all El Paso County residents.

Your vote and support in the upcoming election will be a step towards a more equitable and just property tax system. Let's join hands in shaping a future where financial burdens are lessened, and our community thrives. Vote for change, vote for a fairer El Paso County.

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