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Join Us on March 7th in Shaping a Bright Future for El Paso County

As a fervent advocate for the progress of our County Commissioner District, I'm reaching out to you at a critical juncture - the upcoming County Commissioner District 4 Assembly and Primary. This event marks a significant turning point for both our local community and the broader El Paso County, and your involvement could be transformative.

Our Current Landscape: In recent times, our party has witnessed divisions that have steered us away from our core mission. We find ourselves in a scenario where the Establishment Republicans often overlook the needs of the everyday worker. Conversely, we face a group of Republican ideologues who seem disconnected from the practical, day-to-day issues that impact us. This situation calls for a change - a leader who can navigate beyond these challenges.

My Commitment to Change: I am here to be that catalyst for change. My campaign is not just a political stance but a commitment to practical solutions, unwavering dedication to our shared values, and a continuous quest for justice and prosperity for every member of our district.

My Vision: I am not in this race to play the usual political games or indulge in empty rhetoric. My focus is on real, tangible results:

  • Economic Growth and Job Creation: Recognizing the vital role of a robust economy, my goal is to create an environment that not only attracts new businesses but also nurtures our local enterprises, paving the way for sustainable job opportunities.

  • Sustainable Water Access: Understanding the fundamental right to water, I am committed to implementing sustainable water solutions, especially in the unincorporated areas of El Paso County, ensuring accessible and reliable water for every resident.

  • Balancing Property Taxes: Addressing the issue of soaring property taxes is a priority. I aim to develop fair and balanced tax strategies that alleviate financial pressure on our residents while ensuring the county's needs are met.

  • Enhancing Infrastructure: A commitment to strengthening and maintaining our infrastructure is key to ensuring the safety and growth of our community. My focus will be on improving roads, bridges, and public facilities to cater to our expanding population.

Your Role in This Vision: To realize this vision, your support is indispensable. Your voice, your vote, and your active participation are the pillars of this journey. I encourage you to attend your precinct caucus, become a delegate, and cast your vote in the County Commissioner District 4 Assembly.

I warmly invite you to join me in this endeavor to forge a brighter future for our district and our children. Standing united, we can make a significant impact.

Your thoughts, concerns, or questions are always welcome. They are crucial as we navigate this campaign together. With your input, we can build a future that truly reflects our collective values and goals.

Thank you for considering this important call to action. I eagerly anticipate the chance to represent you and to turn our district into a symbol of hope and prosperity.

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